Pink booties and blue mittens


Faces many, around me

Some known, rest unknown

There is light, there is dark…

There are varied colours, rest B&W

they are in different shapes and patterns

Voice many i hear, of some I identify,

The others leave me clueless

I search for something

Unsure of the Unknown


My eyes search for my mother,

Her eyes have so much to say,

Al along this time,

I heard her from within,

Her laugh, her cry

Her jokes, her worries

Wow, now I get to see her live,


In her eyes, I try to find myself,

Al around, I search ME.

Who am i? What am I?

Question many, answers none.

My papa, calls me “My Son”,

twinkle of my mama’s eye

Everyone has a name for me,

Some cute , some sweet, and some weird.


I cry out loud,

Like a magnet, attracting metal,

my shrill cries, draw  people,

Caring for me,

Stream of loving words, creating a pool around

seeking to understand my words,

but , alas, they don’t…

When I need a change, they try to feed me..

comedy of errors we create together

guess this is their  first , just like me.


With every day, passing by,

I’m in more light, than day before.

Guess, it’s a journey, together

A journey of life, that has just begun..


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