Day 10: Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe


Oh little one!!! Oh little one!!!

You play merrily  with all

With cheerful smile…

A pleasing face….

A naughty look……a dirty hand….

How beautiful is the sight I see…..

Oh little butterfly!!!!  Oh little butterfly!!!!!

You fly with the breezily wind….

In a search of your own…..

Vibrant colors you dawn….

Red, blue , yellow and purple a few…..

How I love to seat you on my palm..

To hear your fairy-tale clear….

The travel stories of Gusty seas…..

Soaring hills  ,  Serene meadows…

Flowers a million you visit…..

A color from each you share?

Oh little one!!! Oh little one!!!

Did the butterfly catch your eye…..?

You run behind them, with all your might

With a web in hand…..

To posses it, is what you desire….?

To add its colors to your own

You too, have fallen in love with it

This divine , enchanting life….

Like me, I ask?

Oh little one!!! Trouble not the butterfly ….

Let it fly in freedom….

Don’t let it shrivel on sand !!!

Loose all it’s worth in an instance…..

You stopped your hunt in a tick,

As if,  you  read my mind….

You kneel down, beside the fallen splendor……

Nurse the subtle beauty….

Cry for your fault….

The tears are in your eyes…..

But, crawls down my spine…

The butterfly begins to fly

With its natural beauty
Its taunting looks

Its mesmerizing colors….

The butterfly is miraculous….

Oh little one !!!! you are in joy,

In jubilation you  sing!!!!

And, I dance with delight…

As the butterfly begins to fly

Gracefully in the blue sky, again….


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