I killed the love in my heart, to be your friend

Hid my tears to see a smile on your face

Lied to myself, dint see the truth

Drank up the fears,  Let you go on your path

Convinced self that I’m happy,

Though unbelievable it was to contemplate.

Was ready to bow down ,Go on my knees for you ,

Do anything , to make it right !!!

Now , I wish To reverse the tide of time

To go back , never have stood on that porch…….

Not have ringed that bell, Bought the flowers, said those words

Shared a part of me with you

Not have felt the way I felt…When I saw you first

Trusted you to be there … the time of need…..

I know now a word unsaid, could save a million…..

Time has passed , I don’t see ME in the mirror

The  ME who fell in love ,Who felt pain when  hurt

Felt happy when in joy. Laughed out loud on  silly jokes…..

Don’t see dreams in my eyes. The zeal to be big…….

Now I know, trying to reach you,

I lost myself somewhere….. on the way.


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