Day 5: Map

Neuanfang-A new begining


A new turn of life, waits around the corner

Promise of  a fresh meaning to life in hand…

it’s the same place, but  new  milieu….

Lots to learn, unlearn a few…

Feelings alike, but new faces it brings along..

A little scared, but new things to achieve….

New growths, some failures…..

Triads of life, approaching rapidly

A chord of musical notes, waiting to be played

As I stand here,With an ambition to live,

To  catch a  glimpse of self in mirror,

And , content with pride, in what I see….

Anxious  as I am to move out,

Out into the unknown human race …

Into unfamiliar paths I need to step….

Not a map, nor a compass in hand…

Acceptable path doesn’t matter now..

The steps I take, reflect more..

Today, standing here I know….My heart guides the mission…

First step is going to be tough….

Later steps ,leads to my self…A contented self !!

The direction may be wrong,A step taken only can tell…

So here I go….

Leaving behind , the Shadows of dark,

And walk into the radiance…

To take the new path, to create my own fortune…

My own new trail….

Could this be , The Inception of something good


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