My prized scars

As i lay in a pool of blood .. pain, so excruciating,  etching deep into my skin, like nails piercing through wood

Every drop of the red liquid shed, was worth the struggle, the scar it leaves behind on my skin, a reminder, of the ghastly fight,

a fight for honor, friendship, and duty.

Today like any other day, was a usual routine, chirping birds, squealing squirrels

Roads were cleaned, morning sun sparkling the dew, on the grass,

As we left for our stroll, saw the kids playing joyfully by the lanes

The refreshing wind, awakening my skin,  glided through the streets..

It was then; a big rage hit us all. The serenity smashed, with a blow so hard

I knew, what I had to do, leaving behind my harness, I ran…

Charging at the enemy like a hungry lion.

He had a weapon in hand, but that dint matter the least, what was important,

Was my friend’s mane in his hand!!

The fight went on for a while, with screams and gasps galore,

It was finally the end, my teeth tearing his skin and his weapon pounding my paws came to an end,

My friend was free, the enemy, back to where he belonged,

I lay there, on her lap, her hands caressing my face , a sense of joy in me, a look of care in her

My best friend, my master who feeds me, bathes me, has long conversations  , loves me , takes care of me

Was safe, she was safe.


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