Ode to my Playground

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ode to a Playground.”

It saddens me to read your obituary  news in the morning paper today. Though we are miles apart, your memories, the time we spent together still are part of my ‘favorite memories list ‘. the list which brings a smile on my face, when i need the most. –

“Galli ground”-[my playground]

you taught me to stand up straight, when i fell down

laugh out loud , when lying down after a fall,

with dust and dirt part of my make up kit,

carrying  back a handful of your sand,  ,

unaware of its existence, till I washed self back at home.

blood oozing out, leaving behind scars..

scars , reminding me of some victory..

maybe the highest swing ride, or  winning a fight on the sand.

giggles of new friendships brewing on the benches,

meeting a new face, hugging an old one…

it was all there…

that was then, this is now..

changes are a huge part of our world..

Today, it’s you, Tomo me..

But life goes on, there is no stopping that….

Good Bye my lovely friend, my playground.

which was and is still a friend to many, like me.


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