My World…as i wud like it to be

Come with me, into the woods so green

Spend a moment with the pure self

Come with me, let us create a magical moment

A moment of friendship, love and care.

Let me take you along, with me,Into my world, where

Life is simple, laugh is gentle

Tears are a treasure, hard to find

Hugs, at time of need, Touch so divine,

Life sparkles under the rays of sun..

butterflies of fun. and Giggles fill the air around, …

All contend with the basket in hand

Come with me, into the my world of happiness..

See life through my eyes,

Live life to the most,

Treasure life’s surprises within….

Expect the unexpected at different turns of life…

Take home,an experience,

A feeling of delight and knowledge to share.

Life would be complete here,when you smile from within,

When you feel the warmth of loved ones.

When any amount of pain fails to hurt you,

Make you give up, never to start again.

When happiness makes its abode, in your heart and mind forever.

Contentment in all walks of life,

Gratification for the world around.

Come with me, come with me..

To create your own world, a world just like mine…

A world for you, for me..

For all to be in……..


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