Sleep oh dear one,

With a content smile on your soft  lips….

Weave the dreams  , Play with the stars,

Dreamy starry eyes of yours, Exploring, something  new,

Out,  to find solutions for every problem,

Surfaced in your world.

Dusty  am I , to see,

What catches your thought..Your imagination, your attention…

Scared I am, to let you go,

To see your every step, to guide you to your dreams…

Save you from the fall, to  rise…  on your own…

To hold you tight, near all I crave

The simple twinkle in your eyes,

A sweet chuckle , a pleasant smile….

The sparkle in your giggle, Lights up my way,

Words babbled, music to ears

Hands stretched out ,for my reach.

You make my day, in your tiny way…

Turned  everything around, into a dream destination….

I could go on, floating in this dream, Looking at you sleep…

Peaceful as dew-mist in the evening sky.

No worries can hold me now, No pain can hurt anymore….

Sleep oh dear one….Sleep…


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