Sweetie pie

I tried real hard.., but could not hate you..

Could not keep you away from my heart..

All my friends said,you are no good…not worthy of my time..

My best buddy said, “You are a big cheat..just playing with my heart”

Why in my heart, I dint believe them…

never could I despise you….

How i wish, i never paid heed to others words,

and let you out, Out in the cold to dry..

Never should have i left you, broken the promise…

Your memories have always been a part of me

Your sweet touch, glides me through nights

Your aromatic aroma fills my senses..

Your blend with coffee, still leaves me bewildered 

You were my punch bag, always brought me out of my worries

every tear shed, compensated with your heavenly touch

The taste of your tender kiss on my lips, still excites me..

Your creamy touch, velvety feels…

are all, part of my memory basket..

safely stored in my heart, for no one to see


Today, I know..I love you,

love you from bottom of my heart…

I wish to hold you again in my arm,

hug you with never ending love,

Never to part ways with you again,

 I will hear only to My heart today,

 take you along in my journey of life,

With many lows, and many highs..

As i look forward to a  new day, 

knowing you are with me, is all the assurance i need.


Dedicated to the CHOCOLATE BAR,  in my purse, on my table …in my refrigerator, a plenty. 




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