Simplicem Amorem (Simple Love)

one of my poems written a while it goes

Sitting by the porch,With you beside…

Seeing the setting sun…

The birds reaching its nest…

Fiery Waves retreating back…..

Taking with it handful of golden sand…..

You held my hand,Close to your heart….

Felt something familiar… your heart thumping my name…

It feels just like yesterday,

First when we met..

The first giggle, the first date….

knew that minute…

This face would stay…

Stay close to my heart…

Journey with you, on this trek to the wild…

With Many ups, and many downs along

Was more interesting than anticipated

To love you, hold you close…..

Every morning, wish you the best….

Evenings,Coming home to a loving heart…

A gentle smile, when stressed..

Loving kiss to brighten up my world…

Words of calm, when I’m restless…

Times have changed,

Almanac has altered panes

All seems new now,

Nothing like the time we started off…..

The people we met, the lanes we took

A whole lot is changed,

I’m blissful to see, my hand still in yours…

You still scream &climb the bed..

When cockroach comes visiting us again…

And I still get your warmcuddle ,

When in my eye ,tears form a puddle

The sun has set, its dark again….

Tinytouch of the moon is seen,

In the night skylike a precious silver light

We glance at each other…

No words uttered,

Though many conveyed..

A smile on our faces,

Expressed greatly……

“I love you, will be there for you….”

“Always,forever till the end of life…”

Affirmation in silence, embraced by heart…


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