My first Post – The power of Mind

Our mind, is a very powerful tool, a medium to keep the functioning of the entire body in sync. The other day, my mom was telling me about the sages in olden days, who cud give up their life when they wished. They could survive on just air, water or such meager things. They could brave all the odds be it cold or hot.

They were the sages, strong willed people, who spent ages mastering the art of self-control, gaining knowledge in various fields, and channelizing their minds in the direction they desired.

But, is this all possible by a common man, well!! Yes in some ways and no in the others.

I am reminded of a documentary, in this regard, that was being aired in the DD Kannada channel. And the story goes like this-

The opening scene was of a jail, with many inmates in them. One of the inmate, is shown to be silent staying alone, all to himself in one cell in the jail premises. On one such day, a psychologist comes to the jail, asking the jailer to conduct one of her research experiment in the jail. After a lot of persuasion, he agrees to let her go ahead with her research experiment in the jail. A man who is in line to go up to the gallows is selected for this. She is being take to his cell, and introduced as a doctor. The jailor warns of the convicts rash behavior to the lady, and leaves them alone, but appointing a constable at the entrance of cell as a precaution. The silent man or also called the convict, was all to himself, every effort from the lady to interact with him, goes unheard. In the end she leaves, with no success.

This continued for few more days, until the silent convict began to open up to her. She gets into his mind. Slowly she suggests to him, that she has a slow poison with her, which would not cause him any pain, and by the date of his hanging , he would be dead. The convict begins to like this idea of a painless death.

The next the day, lady got her doctor’s kit. Filled her syringe with a liquid from her medicine kit. She gave him the usual precautions and soothing words. Looked like he had made up his mind for what awaited him and nods his head. Taking this as his approval, she administered the contents of the syringe to him

This went on for almost 10 days as she had communicated to him. It was now the day before his final date. She came as usual, spoke to him, and enquired about his health. All his vital readings were normal as the other days. She pulled out her filled syringe, she said, “Do not worry!! This would be your last dose. Tomorrow everything will be all over. And, you would not even know the pain “

Next day, the jailor accompanied by his accomplice came to the convict’s room to accompany him up to the gallows, and fulfill the required formalities. When, he entered the cell, he saw the convict lying on the floor. Out of immediate reaction, he checked his pulse, and was shocked not to find one. The prison doctor was summoned immediately. The doctor, then confirmed the convict dead. On enquiring, it was learnt that the lady used to administer him some medicine for about 10days now. On learning this, the jailor sent for the lady immediately. He was worried, how could this have happened under his supervision. This lady, was poisoning one of the jail inmates, and he was unaware of this all along. The consequences, of this, he thought even could have repercussions on his career.

With all these thoughts gripping him he sat silent in his cabin.

The lady entered, with no anxiety on her face. The jailor took out all his frustration, demanding an answer in the death of that convict, and threatening of dire consequences, if she did not comply.

She calmly said, “I dint kill him, like you all think, I just helped him kill himself” this answer further confused the jailor still. Then she went on to explain that, she was doing her research on the topic-“Power of a Human mind”.

“I just spoke to him in a way, which made me gain his confidence. Later, I suggested him an idea of painless death. He was very happy to attain this form of death. I told him, I would be administering a slow poison daily, so that by the date of his hanging he would be dead. So, after gaining his acceptance, I started administering the liquid to him daily. And, the day just before his hanging, I gave him the last dose, giving him confidence that by the next day morning, he would be dead. “

“But in real it was not poison as u comprehended, it was just plain water. This plain water , in the syringe, was acting as poison to his mind. The confidence in me and the wish for painless death were so strong, that the plain water became a poison to his body.”

The jailor and his accomplice were all awestruck from the truth that they just heard.

Hard to believe but true. This is the power of mind. It can turn poison into life giving nectar or nectar into life taking poison.

The sages of those days, with their penance were able to get this level of control over their minds, but for a common man, even a blind faith in any object or person can have the same effect. The strong conviction, I guess, is what gives strength to many, who we see in our television set or in real, to perform life threatening tasks and come out victorious at the end. This is just an example of what is the maximum extent of what our mind is capable of, but in real life, we do experience have many such examples, where we do feel the power, but are ignorant to accept and work on it further.


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